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MRB | 7A Bamboo Drumsticks


5.0 7 reviews

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Product Description

- "The Surgeon." Precise in the face of complexity. These sticks just get it done.
- Made of 100% biodegradable bamboo.
- Lighter than maple. Stronger than oak.
- Approx. 16” long; 13.8mm diameter; Approx 1.1oz each
- Drop tip.
- 7As are great for jazz, groove, and more technical playing. Built for all styles.
- 2B sizes coming soon.
- High shoulder for versatility, attack, balance, and feel.
- Lacquer-free for optimal grip that improves as you play.
- Comes in a reusable bamboo drawstring bag.

Magic Room Brand’s 7A bamboo drumsticks were artfully designed by a drummer - for drummers. The lighter weight is sure to open up new grooves and possibilities, while the strength and fiber consistency will maintain balance and finally let your cymbals sing the way they’re supposed to. Crisp hi-hat and ride bell patterns. No more washy overtones.

They’ll earn a spot in your stickbag for sure.

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5.0 7 reviews

Customer Reviews

Jeremy D. - 05/15/2023

Durable, very nice feel, and even lighter than Maple

Excellent sticks, maybe the best I’ve played with, I always go with light sticks because I started out as a kid with jazz and now I play on an electric kit and don’t want to put unnecessary stress on it, also I am a heavy hitter so I really don’t need heavier sticks anyway. So I was thinking the other day wondering if bamboo drumsticks are a thing because they would be light, but also very durable. Typed in google and magicroom was the first that came across that seemed reputable. Received a very kind letter with the sticks and received great customer care in the beginning when there was some confusion with the mailing address. I’ve been playing with the sticks for about a week, they feel excellent, they are a half inch longer than my previous maple sticks I was using, but also quite a bit lighter. I think drummers need to be aware of a drumstick like this existing, I doubt many are. Who wouldn’t want more speed without losing durability. I’m thinking bamboo is the way. -Jeremy

Thomas S. - 01/11/2018

Wonderful Sticks for the Frugal

These sticks feel light and effortless in the hands. While, standard 7A in diameter, their length is more along the lines of a 5A or a 5B stick, at a solid 16" (rather than shorter), making them very versatile drumsticks. For example, I prefer these to the 5B option for most of my playing in hard rock, etc. Where most thin sticks fail when playing hard is in their extremely long and thin tapers; these have very short and thick tapers reminiscent of a plain old rock stick, lending these to more than light jazz and intricate ghost notes. That is a combination I don't often find. These are light, sound absolutely beautiful on both thick and thin cymbals, are wonderfully resilient to rimshots and hi hats, and best of all allow you to not hit so hard to get an equally consistent sound at any volume. This makes them more durable in every way since the bamboo fibers used in the manufacturing process are less prone to breakage than even hickory and more resilient to damage and wear already. So feel free to bash them with the same force as you would any other stick, though your gear will ultimately thank you if you don't! Their rebound is also phenomenal for such extremely light sticks, but they're nowhere near so unbearably bouncy as some other alt-drumstick attempts. I recommend buying them in bulk (2-4-pair subscription) because it is cheaper. Subscriptions can be cancelled or edited at any time, being month-to-month. These sticks are the real deal, and that makes me a repeat customer. Long live bamboo!

Scotti I. - 12/29/2017

These hit them out of the ballpark

Absolutely love these 7as. I’m a huge fan of a light stick & these hit them out of the ballpark. Was wondering if you were planning on doing a barrel tip at all. Big fan of a sd4 but haven’t picked them up since! Keep up the great work!

Johnny T. - 08/24/2017


I love the sticks. They feel great, the play great, the tone they produce is awesome! You have truly created masterpieces! Thank you for everything! I love your super awesome customer service, and I'm picky when it comes to customer service. I don't give those compliments out lightly.

Tyrone S. - 08/15/2017

They took a beating.

They are light, but balanced. They are bright and clear sounding upon impact. They provided me more clarity on the drums, more definition in the small ghost notes and more vibrancy and bounce on the double strokes.

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