You know the drill.


How do subscription plans work?       

All drumsticks and guitar picks eventually wear out. It's just in their nature. Subscription plans are the best way to get new sticks and picks  delivered right to your door every month. There are a variety of plans  available, so you select the plan that is perfect for you and MRB will do the rest. You can cancel or skip a month any time.    


When do you bill me for my plan?        

All existing subscription plans are automatically re-billed on the  15th of each month. New orders received before the 5th of the month are billed immediately.   

Orders placed on or after the 5th, will skip that months renewal, and be billed on the 15th of the next month, to avoid being double-billed in the same month.  

Changes made to your plan must be made by the end of the day on the 14th of each month in order to be recognized for that month's shipment.     


When do you ship me my favorite new stuff?      

Existing plans will be shipped by the 19th of each month, or the next business day. New orders placed on or after the 5th, will ship immediately, but skip that month's renewal, and ship on the 19th of the next month, to avoid receiving 2 shipments in the same month. Changes made to your plan must be made by end of the day on the 14th of  each month in order to be recognized for that month's shipment.      

What comes in the package? 

Magic Room Brand is custom-made gear, so you're getting premium accessories that are designed, crafted, and tested with the same care you put in your music.      

Your first order of MRB picks and sticks come in a reusable bamboo fiber drawstring bag.

And of course, every delivery includes a rad MRB sticker -  perfect for your vehicle, your guitar case, or laptop - or to hold up the "kick me" sign on your lead singer's back.    


What if I am on vacation?      

Good for you. You've earned it.    

You can simply skip a month on your plan at any time without canceling.     

If you pause after your payment has been processed, but before we ship, then we will skip the following month's shipment.      

Skip a month at your customer account page.  

Also, bring me back something nice?     


What if I move/relocate?      

You can change your shipping address or billing information at anytime in your customer account page.  

Please change your address prior to your billing date to avoid mis-shipped product. Holler if you need help:  


Can I cancel or change my subscription plan?      

Yep. You can change plans, upgrade, or adjust product sections, at any time from your customer account page.  

You can also skip a month or do an every-other-month plan, if you  want. To unsubscribe or permanently change the frequency of your plan,  just shoot a message to      

If you do decide to leave, you can reactivate at anytime and pick up where you left off. No, those aren't tears, there's just a lot of  dust in here, ok?        

If you need some help with your account, shoot an e-mail to          .    


Can I try out a pair of sticks or some picks before subscribing?       

Yep. You can cancel or change your plan at anytime.      

Or, you can grab some gear in the online store with no monthly subscription needed. Magic Room Brand ships worldwide.    


I need more picks or sticks every month. Can you make this happen?      

You bet.      

If you need more sticks or picks per month than our plans  currently offer, we can of course set that up. Please send a note to          

If you need less than one pair of sticks or 5 picks a month, you can  either do an every-other-month plan, "skip a month" on your monthly  plan, or go to the online store for one-off purchases as you need.    


How long to drumsticks and/or guitar picks normally last? depends. How often you play, your style, etc., are all  factors. That said, MRB gear is meant to sound better while lasting  longer.       

If you're a casual basement drummer, a pair oughta last 4-6 weeks,  if not longer (again, based on frequency, style, and technique). If  you're gigging/touring with a band, then you'll go through them faster  as you're playing more often.  It's our experience that a new fresh set  of sticks is a good idea if you have a studio session or show coming up,  just to ensure response, balance, and tone. Even if they're not  "broken," all sticks wear out and lose some balance and response.      

For picks, again, it's a good idea to have a fresh set for an  upcoming show or studio session. Five picks every 4-8 weeks should do  you good, but let's be honest, it depends on how often you lose them.   


What are MRB guitar picks made out of?       

The Eco-Hybrid Magic Room Brand guitar picks are made of a  starch-based (corn) bioplastic. The bioplastic is called PLA, which is  more eco-friendly than typical petroleum-based plastic. There is A LOT of debate about how biodegradable and eco-friendly bioplastics are, but it really all comes down to how you're using the word "biodegradable."  MRB gear is biodegradable in that our gear will break down completely - at varying speeds depending on the environment and conditions - to  ensure that over time, nothing will remain.
100% biodegradable.              

What are MRB drumsticks made out of?       

Dreams. They're made of dreams.       

For real though, MRB drumsticks are made of 100% bamboo grass,  resulting in sticks that are lighter than maple, more versatile than  hickory, and stronger than oak. We don't use any "hardening" or  protective chemical lacquers because bamboo doesn't need it. This  results in a grip that gets better with use, and ensures optimal  biodegradability when it's all said and done.     

Who makes MRB gear?      

All MRB gear is designed, developed, and reviewed right here in Saint Louis, Missouri USA.       

MRB partners with expert bamboo craftsmen in the Jiangsu region of  China - home to the best bamboo in the world - to ensure every item is  up to snuff for tone, feel, and strength.      

What is bamboo all about?       

Where do we start? Bamboo is kind of badass. Let's start there.       

  • Bamboo is a grass - not a wood - so NO deforestation.      
  • Bamboo emits 30-40% more oxygen than trees that's pretty cool. Take a breath. You're welcome.       
  • When most trees take 60-70 years to mature enough for  production, bamboo takes 6-7 years. It grows SUPER fast (several feet in a few days) and requires very little water and no pesticides to grow.         
  • Bamboo actually rejuvenates land so the more you use, the more it grows, and the more it nurtures the soil.          
  • It's naturally moisture-wicking, so our gear gets better with use.           
  • It's more biodegradable than wood (we don't use complex lacquers), and of course more than plastic because duh.            

Are MRB drumsticks and guitar picks really 100% biodegradable?       

Yes. There are a lot of brands out there saying that they are  eco-friendly. Some are. Some aren't. Typically, it's easy to compromise the quality of your product just to make it eco-friendly. MRB has zero interest in compromising quality.          

The debate of eco-friendly plastics rages on. Lately, the main  issue is how someone defines "biodegradable." Studies have started to  differentiate between "biodegeadable plastic" and "bioplastic" because  the former is just regular petroleum-based (and not eco-friendly)  plastic with an added chemical that allows the product to break apart  (not go away, just break into smaller pieces).          

But "bioplastic" material is different in that it is a PLA or  plant-based plastic that holds similar traits as plastic, but doesn't  need any added compounds to make it biodegrade. THIS is what Magic Room Brand uses.        

So, even if you're one of those people that don't care about the Earth (you monster!), MRB picks and sticks sound better and last longer.     


To where does MRB ship?         

Everywhere on Earth. MRB ships w_o_r_l_d_w_i_d_e. MRB ships from  St. Louis, Missouri USA, so international orders might take a little longer to get to you, but it'll get there.         

When will I get my new favorite stuff?       

Orders usually arrive 4-6 business days after shipping date.      

New orders are shipped right away (same or next business day) while all plans ship on the 19th, or the next business day.        

Subscription plan orders placed on or after the 5th of each month will renew and ship the following month.

I haven't received my shipment. What's up?       

Drag. Orders usually take 4-6 business days to get to you. If it's been longer than that, send a note to and you'll be sent a tracking number, order status, and other important information.       

Do you offer free shipping?         

Ok so here's the dirty secret: most businesses say they offer "free" shipping but that cost is usually buried in the product price, so it's not really free. Not cool. You're not a  dummy, or else you wouldn't be here.         

Instead, let's just all be transparent about it. You'll see the product price and the cost of shipping separated so you know what's up and where every single hard-earned dollar of yours is going.       

Cool? Cool.      

I'm super nice. Can I send a gift to someone?       

Wow. You ARE super nice. Let's be pals.       

Yes you can send a gift to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Just check the gift option at checkout and bam - you're a great gift-giver. Just like that. 


Do you have gift cards available?      

Yes. They are available in $25, $50, $75, and $100 amounts and can be found in the one-time shop.


How can I change or cancel an order?       

It's a bit tricky changing or canceling an order once payment has been processed and/or things are in route.       

But if that's the case, let's give it the ol' college try and see what can be done. Please shoot a note to      


What is your return policy?         

If for whatever reason you're not totally happy, send a message. You can return all items and packaging in it's original, unused  condition within 14 days of purchase for a full refund. Or you can send an e-mail to if you have any questions.     


Do you have an artist program for active musicians?        

Yep. If you're interested in joining the fam, please go to our Artist Inquiry page and answer a few questions. You'll get a response within a week or two.      

How can I know about upcoming contests, new products, and announcements?      

So glad you asked. Sign up for the MRB Newsletter so you can be in the know. There's always have something brewing.       
You can always shoot a note, too, at