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- Super soft, broken-in, vintage feel (Next Level 60/40 cotton-poly blend).
- Sizes S-XL (Fashion fit. Consider ordering one size larger for a traditional fit.)
- Available in seven colors.
- Made to order, so please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.

Ok, so here's the deal. The Magic Room Brand Studio Shirt is going to be your new favorite shirt. You'll never even have to fold it because once it's clean, you'll probably just put it on.

Then, one day, you'll notice that your significant other is wearing it all the time and you won't have the heart to say, "Hey babe,'re cool and all but gimme back my shirt right this instant and also, wanna try that new taco place tonight?" so let's just avoid all that weirdness and just order two. I mean, it's understandable why they commandeered the shirt, right? Right. You're welcome.

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