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Magic Room Brand | Bamboo Drumsticks (5A)



- "The Author." Every stroke helps tell your story.
- Made of 100% biodegradable bamboo.
- Lighter than maple. Stronger than oak.
- Approx. 16” long; 14.5mm diameter; Approx. 1.3oz each
- Acorn tip.
- 5As are the "standard" size - not too skinny, not too fat. Versatile for all styles.
- 2B sizes coming soon.
- Medium shoulder for versatility, response, and feel.
- Lacquer-free for optimal grip that improves as you play.
- Comes in a reusable bamboo drawstring bag.

Don’t play sticks. Play drums.

Magic Room Brand’s artfully crafted sticks are designed to let you be you - unrestricted. The lighter weight is sure to open up new grooves and possibilities, while the strength and fiber consistency will finally let your cymbals sing the way they’re supposed to. No more washy overtones.

Built for the studio. Perfect for the stage.

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Customer Reviews

Fred L. - 02/09/2019

5A Review

These 5A sticks seem to be of great quality and consistency. This along with availability and top notch customer service, make them a far better value than previously used bamboo sticks. They feel good in the hand. Since they are much lighter weight (compared to hickory or even maple) the balance point is a bit different with less forward feel than I’m used to, which in some ways makes me work harder for control. However, for lighter playing, great cymbal tone, and cross stick, I really like them. They seem to be very durable. I am currently using them in lower volume more acoustic situations so they will no doubt last quite awhile without showing much wear. Of course I appreciate this being a sustainable product and also appreciate the attention to detail and the desire for customer satisfaction from Majic Room.

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