You know the drill.


How do subscription plans work?
When do you bill me for my plan?
When do you ship me my favorite new stuff?
What comes in the box?
What if I am on vacation?
What if I move/relocate?
Can I cancel or change my subscription plan?
Can I try out a pair of sticks or some picks before subscribing?
I need more picks or sticks every month. Can you make this happen?

-- OUR GEAR --

How long to drumsticks and/or guitar picks normally last?
What are MRB guitar picks made out of?
What are MRB drumsticks made out of?
Who makes MRB gear?
What is bamboo all about?
Are MRB drumsticks and guitar picks really 100% biodegradable?

-- ORDERS --

To where does MRB ship?
When will I get my new favorite stuff?
I haven't received my shipment. What's up?
Do you offer free shipping?
I'm super nice. Can I send a gift to someone?
Do you have gift cards available?
How can I change or cancel an order?
What is your return policy?

-- OTHER --

Do you have an artist program for active musicians?
How can I know about upcoming contests, new products, and announcements?